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Presidential Palace Rejects Allegation of Sexual Favors

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2019)

The Afghan presidential palace on Sunday rejected allegations of sexual favors in exchange for top government positions in Afghanistan.

Recently, General Habib Ahmadzai, a former special security advisor to President Ashraf Ghani claimed that the presidential palace asks women for sexual favors.

In an interview with Khurshid TV, Gen. Ahmadzai claimed that sexual favors are asked in exchange for a minister seat or for becoming a member of parliament.

Speaking with the reporters in Kabul, Haroon Chakhansuri, a Spokesman for President Ghani said that Mr. Ahmadzai asked to be re-appointed as an advisor to President after he failed to win a seat at the Afghan parliamentary elections.

Ghani’s Spokesman said that Ahmadzai’s request was rejected so he made such baseless allegations.

Chakhansuri further said that it was a very serious issue for the presidential palace, adding that such allegations are an insult to the educated women of Afghanistan.

According to the presidential palace, the Attorney General Office will investigate the allegations and would ask documents from Gen. Ahmadzai.

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