Presidential Palace Promotes Sexual Bribery: Mohaqiq

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2019)

Muhammad Mohaqiq, the Second Deputy of Chief Executive of the country and a member of the Peace and Moderation electoral ticket, said on Wednesday that the government has promoted the sexual bribery in the Presidential Palace.

Mohaqiq said that the government has offended the people’s honor and prestige instead of protecting them.

“Promoting the sexual bribery in the Presidential Palace is a big shame for Afghanistan,” said Mohaqiq. 

He added that besides the allegation of sexual favors, the recent appointments in the government serves as an electoral campaign for President Ghani.

The Presidential Palace has not made any comment on Mohaqiq’s remarks.

Previously, Habibullah Ahmadzai, a former special security advisor to President Ghaniclaimed that the presidential palace has asked women for sexual favors in exchange for the top positions in the government.

The Attorney General Office issued the arrest warrant of Ahmadzai twice and demanded him to provide the evidence for his claims.

According to AGO, Ahmadzai has not shared any documents yet.

“The arrest warrant of Mr. Ahmadzai was sent twice by the police but he has not provided any evidence to support his claim,” said Jamshid Rasuly, the Spokesperson for AGO.

The official said that the attorney general office will take other legal measures if Ahmadzai fails to prove his claims.

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