Presidential Palace Not Consult with Executive Office on Dismissal of Masoud

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017 9:56 pm)

Zia.mp4_snapshot_01.43_[2017.04.18_21.29.54]Following the reactions over Zia Masoud’s dismissal, the chief executive office says, the president didn’t consult with them over that.

A spokesperson for the executive body says, they informed of the issue through Medias.

“No one has consulted with us over dismissal of Zia Masoud and we heard the news only when Medias reported it.

Our position is that the government should inform and consult with us regard huge decisions,” Mujib Rahman Rahimi, a spokesperson for CEO Abdullah said.

While Masoud’s supporters don’t expect such a shocking move by president, but ARG says, it was a legal decision.

“The president has the legal right to hire and sack officials of any level. The purpose of any of these hiring and firings are to increase government’s effectiveness and better performances,” Shah HussianMurtazawi, a spokesperson for ARG said.

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