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Presidential Electoral Campaign To Begin In Few Hours

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2019)

The presidential electoral campaign will officially begin in next hours and will continue until September 25th.

“The presidential candidates have to follow the procedures, behavior principles, and rules, which are available on the commission’s webpage, during the campaign term,” said Hawa Alam Nooristani, Chief of the Independent Election Commission (IEC).

The presidential candidates have been limited legally by the electoral commissions during the campaign term. 

“Receiving the internal grants and gifts without reporting to the commission by the candidates, financial support of the candidates by the government officials, and Misusing the government facilities and resources have been prohibited,” said Zohra Bayan Shenwari, Chief of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC).

Additionally, the security institutions announce that they are ready for providing security to the electoral campaigns. 

“The areas which are under strong threat have been recognized and the three security institutions have worked seriously on this; our operations will be conducted according to our planned time,” Rohullah Ahmadzai, the Spokesperson to the Ministry of Defense.

“The forces have been appointed to areas,” said Nasrat Rahimi, the Spokesperson to the Ministry of Interior.

This comes as the ‘Government Builder’ electoral ticket led by Ashraf Ghani has complained that the other presidential candidates have started the campaigns before the official time.

“All the complaints are amde by the ‘Government Builder’ electoral ticket,” said Qasim Elyasi, Chief of the IECC Secretariat.

The presidential election will be held on September 28th where 18 candidates are competing with each other to win it.

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