Presidential Candidates to Launch Protests in Upcoming Week

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2019)

The Council of Presidential Candidates in their latest meeting decided to launch the protests against the extension of President Ghani’s tenure in the first day of the upcoming week.

Moreover, the council once again asked President Ghani to become ready for negotiating with them or leave the power as the president by the end of the current week.  

“If the government does not accept the candidates’ demands, we will stage the protests across the country,” said Hafizullah Hafiz, a presidential candidate.

The council members warned that in the first step they will block the Hamid Karzai International Airport street in Kabul.

While there are concerns about the consequences of the protests in such critical security conditions it seems that the council members are planning for the protests.

“The Council of Presidential Candidates consider the political framework of the country and the country’s stability in every measure it takes. We believe that the illegal actions by the government will hurt the political stability of the country,” said Abdullatif Nazari, a member of Ahmad Wali Massoud’s electoral ticket.  

However, there are concerns about the protests by the presidential candidates and the persistence of President Ghani against the candidates’ demands.

“Neither the protests by the presidential candidates nor the Presidents’ dictatorship can have good results for the country,” said Ghulam Farooq Majrroh, an MP from Herat province.

The criticisms arose by the presidential candidates after the Supreme Court extended President Ghani’s tenure until reelection of the President.

Based on the Consitution, Ghani’s tenure ended on May 22. 

This comes as the presidential candidates accuse President Ghani of misusing his authorities and the government facilities for his electoral campaigns.

“The government facilities and sources are used considerably for the campaigns by the President,” said Assadullah Saadati, a member of the Stability and Partnership electoral ticket. 

Though the Presidential Palace recently announced that President Ghani is ready to talk with the presidential candidates, the candidates rejected the talks with the President in ARG and asked the negotiations to be held in another place.

President Ghani issued two decrees to prevent using of the government facilities in the electoral campaigns.

However, the presidential candidates yet persist on staging the protests against him.


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