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Presidential Candidates’ Concern Arise Over Security  

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2019)

A number of the presidential candidates are concerned about their security after an attack conducted on the political office of Amrullah Saleh, a member of the ‘State-Builder’ electoral ticket running for the first vice-presidency, on Sunday evening in Kabul.

They say that the government and security institutions are responsible to provide security to the candidates and their campaign office.  

“The government and security institutions have to provide security to the electoral tickets. If a similar incident occurs again, the government will be responsible for it,” said Murad Ali Murad, a member of the ‘Security and Moderation’ electoral ticket running for the second vice-presidency.

Meanwhile, the military experts accuse the intelligence agencies of being weak and working less.

“The government is busy with the ongoing war. The intelligence agencies work less and therefore cannot prevent the terroristic attacks in Kabul,” said Zahir Azimi, a former militarist.

However, the Kabul Police does not make any comment in this regard.

The beliefs are that the severity of war in the battlefields and the involvement of the security forces in the war has provided the opportunity for anti-government insurgents to conduct explosive attacks inside the cities.

This comes as yesterday’s attack in Kabul on the political office of Saleh left 20 people killed and 50 others wounded.

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