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Presidential Candidates Asks Their Supporters to Stage Protests

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2019)

The council of presidential candidates has directed its supporters to stage protests across the country in reaction to the “illegal continuation” of the government.

Members of the council warned on Saturday that they will prevent Ghani’s government to act beyond the law by staging civil demonstrations in coming days.

“Everyone is tasked to be prepared and start the demonstrations in all provinces. I hope we witness countrywide civil protests against the ongoing critical situation of Afghanistan where we don’t have a legal president,” said Shahab Hakimi, a presidential candidate and member of the council.

Meanwhile, some electoral tickets emphasize that the government leaders should not misuse from the government resources.

“The government and presidential candidates must understand the situation so we don’t serve the interest of the enemies. Otherwise, no one will allow the continuation of such illegal government to bring changes for its favor on a daily basis,” said Abdul Basir Salangi, the running mate of presidential candidate Shaida Mohammad Abdali.

“We are very concerned that President [Ghani] is pre-designing the election in his favor,” said Ibrahim Alokozay, a presidential candidate.

The office of President Ghani denied making a comment about the latest move of the presidential candidates.

Earlier, the presidential palace said that Ghani is ready to negotiate with the presidential candidates regarding their concerns.

According to the Afghan Constitution, the legal term of President Ghani’s government ended on May 22, however, the Supreme Court extended his tenure until the re-election of a new president which raised heavy criticizes by politicians and presidential candidates.

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