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President to review Pakistan military attacks with Afghan security officials

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2016)


Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani will review the Pakistan military attacks into Afghan soil with his security officials tonight.

Officials in Afghanistan Security Council urged that President Ghani will declare his position against Pakistan once again.

Pakistan has been interfering into Afghanistan’s affairs and launched missile attacks and even deployed its military forces on the joint border side for years.

Security council Deputy Faizullah Zaki said,” Before taking any actions it needs to be investigated, President Ghani will review the information, and President will declare his official position.”

Officials in Defense Ministry of Afghanistan stated that Afghans do not tolerate invading.

Afghanistan Chief of Staff in Defense Ministry Qadashah Shahim said,” We confirm that Pakistani military forces have launched missiles attacks in Lalpor and Goshtapa district of Nangarhar province, we have several other options in case they will be used.”

Afghan Government concerns from Pakistan shooting missiles don’t end, Afghan Government has complained from Pakistan intelligence services supporting insurgents in Afghanistan for eruption of war.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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