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President should involve People in Making Decisions: Experts

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2014)


A number of the Afghan experts have demanded the President to involve the people while taking decision for the goods of the country.

They have urged that it will also help both Government and the Nation to re-build their trusts in between.

Experts have also stated that the necessary and important consultants should be shared with wise Afghan experts for finding better solutions.

This issue came from the session held late Thursday evening in Presidential palace and the President Ghani has told to media responsible that he was willing to get the Afghans involved in taking Governmental and big decision for the goods of the country.

Huge numbers of the Afghan experts have welcomed the decision made by the president saying by consideration of the current situation Afghan Nation needs to find their role within the Government.

Afghan expert MirAhmadJuianda said that the President should exchange the knowledge with wise elite persons while taking decisions for the country.

However a number of the members of the upper and lower houses of the parliament have declared it against the existed constitution of Afghanistan claimed that we are the representatives of the Afghan Nation we are the one to be involved directly within the nationwide decisions.

Earlier the previous Government performances was criticized for not sharing knowledge and taking decisions and it had caused more distances in between the Afghan Nation and Government.

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