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President Legal Advisor Mohammadi Proceeds Documents on Smart Town

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2015)


Ariana News accessed a document indicating that President legal advisor Abdul Ali Mohammadi has proceeded the memorandum documents for the residential town named Smart city for an Afghan investor who is the one of the big defaulter of Kabul Bank Khalilullah Ferozi.

Khalilullah Ferozi has been accused for bankruptcy of Kabul bank was put to jail for 10 years, now he is one of the big investor of the following residential town in Kabul.

Meanwhile Minister of Urban and development urged that we have received an official letter from the President legal advisor explaining the subject.

Sayed Mansour Sadat said,” since we received the official letter from the President legal advisor it was explaining that the contract was officially done, in the letter we were asked to provide the Map and license of the residential town the letter told us that everything was completed.”

One of the bold point of the letter indicating that the partners for the residential town were Khalilullah Ferizi defaulter of Kabul bank, Nabizada wardak company.

The official letter also explains that according to law and regulation the Nabizada wardak Construction Company should be allowed to cooperate in building the residential town and the following residential town to be built as required standards, and Supreme court is also directed to take necessary step for the proceeding of the contract for Mr Khalilullah Ferozi.

The agreement on building of a residential town in between the Nabizada wardak construction company and Khalilullah Ferozi has provoked serious reactions of the Nation, gradually President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani decided to abolish the following contract.

Reported by AbdulAziz Karimi

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