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President Ghani to Sign 20 Contracts in Uzbekistan Visit

(Last Updated On: December 04, 2017 6:35 pm)

President Ashraf Ghani is expected to sign 20 mutual contracts on economic and security issues with Uzbek officials in Tashkent, the Presidential Palace said Monday.

In his one-day visit, Ghani will meet top Uzbek officials and will sign these contracts.

“The president has left for Uzbekistan and in this trip, 20 contracts in various sections will be signed,” said Presidential Spokesman Shah Hussian Murtazawi.

According to Ministry of Commerce and Industries, among the expected agreements, two contracts are important for development of the Afghan economy.

“In last week, the government of Afghanistan had significant achievements in economic and trade sectors, and two of these contracts which are expected to be signed between the president and his Uzbek counterpart, are economic contracts,” said Spokesman of the Commerce and Industries, Musafer Qoqandi.

This comes as President Ghani, days earlier, has signed five important contracts on Economic and Trade, Promotion and Mutual Investment Support, Security and Law Enforcement, Education and Higher Education and Air Services with Azeri officials.

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