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President Ghani Returns Kabul With Full Achievements From Brussels

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)

1415680906189Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani with his delegation returned to the country early Thursday with full achievement in hands from the Brussels summit.

President Ghani and Chief Executive Officer, CEO Abdullah Abdullah has welcomed the Brussels summit and called it a successful summit.

Fighting against corruption, strengthening infrastructures, women’s rights, education, reforms and public services are the main assistances from the International Community to Afghanistan.

Presidential Palace in a press release said that President Ghani has considered the reason for a successful summit was the joint and team work of Afghan government and the European Union.

Ghani in the Brussels summit has committed that Afghanistan will meet advance reliability, functionality integrity and transparency and practical factors in this process.

The United States has committed $ 700 million, Germany $ 1.7 billion, UK $ 1 billion and Pakistan $ 500 million along with 3 thousand scholarships for Afghanistan.

The republic of South Korea has also announced a $ 120 million aid for the improvement of economy and social programs of Afghanistan.

This comes as India said that its country’s assistances to Afghanistan is without referring to the time and India is eager for a long-term cooperation with Afghanistan.

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