President Ghani Opened National Archive of Presidential Palace

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

The national archive of Presidential Palace-(ARG) was opened by President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday.

President Ghani said the reason of shifting the Afghan film archive to ARG is to secure historical treasures and creating better facilities for researchers and people to easily access the archive.

Ghani noted that none of the Presidential Palace’s employees have the authority to interfere in the archive.

“ARG officials have no authority in archive and will not have any intervention. Our cultural heritage must be protected, and it should be active.” He said.

President also declared about digitization of text versions, videos and archival images.

“They will be digitized to avoid people from coming to ARG. everything will be put on website and everyone can access,” he added.

For the first time documents and sources were collected in Afghanistan during the reign of late Ghazi King Amanullah Khan our progressive and patriotic monarch.

Due to lack of proper place, in 1310 solar year, these documents were relocated to Afghanistan National Museum in Darulaman.

During the civil wars and Taliban rule, the national archives was shut down and in late months of Taliban rule, it resumed it activities with a small number of staff.

In 1381, it was officially reopened in a ceremony by ex-president Hamid Karzai. At present, with over 100000 document and inscriptions, its no doubt one of historical treasuries of the country and is at the service of local and foreign researchers with 31 employees.

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