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President Ghani Insists on Management of Water in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

5President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in the 4th National conference “ Water and Sustainable Development” held in Presidential palace declared water as one of the key important sources for development of Afghanistan and insisted on comprehensive management of Water, saying well management of water will decrease poverty and grow Agriculture, industry and ensure energy sustainable development of Afghanistan.

He said, “Government and the Nation both should come to conclusion and concrete fundamental resutls and clear policy, each cement factory is made does need water, therefore management of Water doesn’t only belong to a sector, Water is one of the Nationwide needs all the departments should pay attention to it.”

Further he urged that codifying of law and legal regulations based on the interests bilateral or multilateral interests it will pave the way for us to use water on its good way.

“We expect our neighboring countries not to provoke concerns over establishing of water dams, networks and management, they should support it.” President Ghani during his speech said.

Meanwhile Minister of Water and Energy spoke about a sophisticated plan which will resolve all the issues over Afghanistan waters.

Minister of Water and Energy Ali Osmani said, “A plan made and the following plan also focuses on raising the capacity of water sources, it also focuses on institutionalization, implementation and academic process.”

President Ghani went on and said there is no awareness of the real importance of Water, using fairly water can cause the strengthening and stability in the country.

He said, “Water plays key role in Agriculture sector in the life of 80 percent of Afghans it’s a big shame that we still import, we need to end this shy and turn the country in a good exporter.”

At the end of his speech President stressed that some amount of budget has been allocated for management of water in the country and separate budgets will be allocated for each water sphere.

Reported by: Lida Naizi  

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