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President Ghani Held Emergency Meeting over Mazar Attack

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2017)


Only a day after the dreadful attack on Shahin corps, President Ghani headed to the province to assess the situation himself closely.

The President held an emergency meeting with Balkh security officials to find out how the attack actually happened.

The terrible attack has left an estimated 150 dead with more than 70 wounded, a number of soldiers said.

“The number of causalities is more than you said. It’s more than 170 dead only, with nearly 100 more injured in the raid.” A member of provincial council for Balkh shared with Ariana News.

However, MoD has announced the official number of the causalities of the attack around 100 killed and wounded.

The soldiers, accuses officials within the compound with facilitating required internal support for attackers.

“How is that possible that such an attack might get performed without inner support.” a soldier asked.

The soldiers complain about the way the government responds to the attack, citing they are not paying enough attention.

The attack has already sparked serious condemnations of religious scholars in Balkh province, saying, “killing people during the prayers is one of the ‘most serious crimes in Islam.”

While the nation is shocked due to the attack, the officials in Balkh ask the security forces stationed there to perform their routines normally without any hesitation.

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