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President Ghani Criticized over Chairing Councils

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2017)

President-Ghani-Chairs-Meeting-of-National-Security-CouncilPresident Ashraf Ghani chairing a number of Councils meeting including National Security and High Economic Councils but analysts believe the president should focus on more his main duties and issues instead of leading the councils’ meetings.

Spokesman of former finance minister, Abdul Qader Jilani said, “it is completely wrong that President takes all responsibilities of councils. He has more important works to do.”

The Presidential Palace says, President Ghani formed the councils for promoting professional works.

Acting spokesman of President’s office, Shah Hussain Murtazawi said, “President Ghani is leading the works through these councils. This is because of promoting professional works.”

Analysts criticized intervention of President in councils and commissions, saying nearly 2300 projects are suspended by the procurement commission.

But, the procurement commission rejects the suspension of projects and said a small number of projects have not been issued by this institution.

Press secretary of the National Procurement Commission, Ajmal Kakar said, “At least 320 projects of the related ministries are in process.”

According to procurement commission, more than 19 billion AFN have been saved during the past two years by this institution and fraud and irregularities prevented by the commission.

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