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President Ghani calls India visit satisfactory

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2015)


President Ghani called his trip to India satisfactory on a press session with Indo-Afghan reporters in India Presidential Palace.

He says his meeting with Indian officials was centralized on six major issues, fighting against terrorism, strengthening joint ventures, building technical and humanitarian capacities and fasting relations between the two countries.

“We will work together to build the economy of the Asian continent. Our discussions were mainly focused on fighting against terrorism, joint cooperation, investment, humanitarian capacities and technology,” President Ghani said.

He concluded the importance of relations between Kabul and New Delhi saying,” Afghanistan has five circles in its foreign policy, neighboring countries, Islamic countries, European countries, Asian countries and the world ventures and donors. India is involved in four circles”.

Ghani connects the region and world welfare with the Afghanistan stability, and rejected a political hurdle in Salma Dam completion.

In addition, he called India the fourth largest donor country in Afghanistan, adding that Kabul is looking to further strengthen relations with India.

Reported by: Fahim Noori

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