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President Ghani Announces 12-Member Team for Peace Talks with Taliban

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(Last Updated On: November 28, 2018)

President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday announced a 12- member negotiating team for talks with the Taliban as part of the efforts to end the 17 years of war in the country.

The team was revealed by Ghani while addressing the second day of Geneva Conference in the capital of Swiss on Wednesday.

The team would be led by Ghani’s chief of staff Abdul Salam Rahimi, The team includes women and men who have the necessary credentials to deal with the key challenges of peace negotiations.

According to Ghani, to ensure consensus and to provide direction to the negotiating team, diverse groups of individuals will comprise a new peace advisory board to provide timely advice on critical issues during peace negotiations. The other members of the team are:

• Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi, Minister of Education

• Hasina Safi, Minister of Information and Culture

• Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Higher Education

• Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister of Refugees and Repatriation

• General Ebadullah Ebad, Deputy of National Directorate of Security

• Shahgul Rezaee, Member of Wolesi Jirga

• Attaullah Ludin, Member of Ulema Council

• Shamim Katawazai, governor of Paktia province

• Abdullah Attai, Member of Supreme Court

• Tooryali Ghiasi, Director of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Abdul Hakim Muneeb, Deputy Minister of Haj and Religious Affairs

President Ghani also announced the new peace advisory board which is comprised of the following nine committees:

1. Political Leaders Committee

2. Political Parties Committee

3. Youth Affairs Committee

4. Women’s Affairs Committee

5. Ulema Committee

6. Provincial Leaders Committee

7. Civil Society and Cultural Committee

8. Private Sector Committee

9. Refugees and Diaspora Committee

The announcements come after U.S. special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad asked the Afghan government and the Taliban to formulate their negotiating teams.

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I will get married once Afghanistan win cricket World Cup: Rashid Khan

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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2020)

The Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan Arman, 21, said that he will get engaged and married once Afghanistan wins the cricket world cup.

The vice-captain of the Afghan national cricket team recently in an interview with Azadi Radio revealed his marriage plans.

He told Azadi radio: “I will get engaged and married once Afghanistan wins the Cricket World Cup.”

This comes as Rashid Khan is the number one bowler in the ICC T20I Rankings with 749 points.

Rashid Khan, who made his international debut in 2015, has been one of the best performers from Afghanistan.

Rashid Khan was born in Nangarhar province in 1998 in a family where he had ten siblings. His family fled to Pakistan due to war in Afghanistan and later returned to the country after a few years and resumed their normal life.

In January 2018, Rashid was named as the associate cricketer of the year by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

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Afghan judiciary yet to assess dozens of large-scale corruption cases: Watchdog

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(Last Updated On: July 12, 2020)

Integrity Watch of Afghanistan says many alleged corruption cases of former ministers, ambassadors, members of the Parliament, and some other government officials yet to be prosecuted.

The Anti-Corruption Judiciary Center was established four years ago; its mission is to deal with large cases of corruption. Now, however, the performance of this institution is criticized.

Integrity Watch of Afghanistan says the Anti-Corruption Judiciary Center did not open and prosecute large-scale corruption cases involving ministers, mayors, ambassadors, and members of the National Assembly. According to the agency, dozens of cases have remained intact and pressures have led to them not being investigated.

“There are low-level and high-level cases of ambassadors, ministers, deputies, mayors, and generals, whose cases have been reported to the judiciary, including the Anti-Corruption Judiciary Center and no legal action has been taken against them,” said Nasir Timori, an analyst at Integrity Watch of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, it is criticized that from time to time events related to public corruption occur, especially in revenue-generating institutions and the process of revenue collection; But the perpetrators of corruption in these structures are not punished, and even the payment of money has caused the defendants in large cases not to go through the judicial process or to be imprisoned.

Mohammad Ali Akhlaqi, a member of the House of Representatives, said: “This center should have fought against major corruption, but like other institutions, it has not made much progress.”

Ghulam Farooq Majrouh, a member of the House of Representatives, said: “This institution did not do what people expected, there are still influential people and have limited the authorities of the center.”

It has been a long time since the court of the Anti-Corruption Judiciary Center has been held. The Supreme Court has not commented on this, But the Attorney General says all corruption cases have been handled by the prosecutor’s office.

Jamshid Rasouli, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, said: “The cases that have been brought to this institution on charges of corruption have been carefully handled and hundreds of people have been punished.”

Earlier, allegations of widespread corruption were reported in Afghan customs, particularly at Islam Qala Customs in Herat, but so far the government has not commented on the outcome of the investigation into allegations of corruption and the prosecution of its perpetrators.

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Afghanistan Coronavirus updates: 85 new cases, total 34,451

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(Last Updated On: July 12, 2020)

Afghanistan has recorded 85 new Coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, the lowest number in daily cases in the last two months.

In a daily COVID-19 update released on Sunday, the Ministry of Public Health said the cases were reported in Kabul (14), Herat (18), Kandahar (5), Bamyan (20), Nangarhar (4), Takhar (10), Kunduz (3), Badakhshan (8), Wardak (1), Laghman (1), and Kunar (1).

It brings the total infections to 34,451 in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, 16 Coronavirus patients have died in the past 24 hours, bringing the total fatalities to 1010 in the country.

According to the updates, the death cases were registered in Kabul (12), Herat (2), and Kandahar (2).

The Health Ministry further said that 81 patients have recovered and fully discharged from hospitals in the past 24 hours.

So far, 21,216 people have recovered from the virus in Afghanistan since the first COVID-19 case was detected in Herat about four months ago.

There are 12,684,409 cases tested positive worldwide, with 564,506 deaths and 6,981,170 recoveries.

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