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Presidency Strongly Reacts to Mohaqiq’s Recent Controversial Remarks 

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

The Presidential Palace on Wednesday strongly reacted to the comments delivered by Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy to the country’s Chief Executive in Iran. 

The President’s Office in a statement said that Mohaqiq’s comments were against the principles of foreign policy, national interests, security & stability and Afghanistan’s applicable laws.

The statement noted that Mohaqiq’s remarks do not represent the opinion of government of Afghanistan.

“These remarks will be seriously investigated by the government of Afghanistan in accordance to the country’s national interests and applicable laws,” it added.

The reaction comes after Mohaqiq on Saturday praised and thanked the Fatimiyun fighters, including Afghans, for their victory in the Syrian war. He was in Iran for the Ninth Meeting Of Islamic Awakening Supreme Council when he made the speech.

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