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Pres. Ghani’s Criticism of Appointments within MoFA is ‘Understandable’

(Last Updated On: May 09, 2017 6:16 pm)

345345545The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MoFA) says President Ashraf Ghani’s criticism of appointments within the ministry is “understandable”.

President Ghani on Monday during the third annual European Union Anti-Corruption Conference said that diplomats in the Foreign Ministry have been appointed not based on their eligibility but hired more of patronage.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to be subjected to the regular Civil Service rules. Everybody complains that this is based on patronage. We are not going to tolerate,” Ghani said, “I went to one embassy, English speaking in four of the people there did not speak a word of English, this is unacceptable.”

In reaction to Ghani’s remarks, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said the President’s criticism is understandable.

“It is necessity & understandable, and the government is determined to work in regard,” MoFA Spokesman, Shekib Mustaghni said.

This comes as the following the Afghan ambassadors have been hired by President Ghani.

– Shukria Barekzia, Afghan ambassador to Norway

– Hamdullah Mohib, Afghan ambassador to the United States

– Ali Ahmad Jalali, Afghan ambassador to Germany

– Shenkai Karokhil, Afghan ambassador to Canada

– Janan Musazai, Afghan ambassador to China

– Omar Zakhilwal, Afghan ambassador to Pakistan

– Qayum Kochai, Afghan ambassador to Russia

– Abdullah Habibi, Afghan ambassador to Kazakhstan

– Qadam Shah Shaheem, Afghan ambassador to Jordon

– Sayed Jalal, Afghan ambassador to Saudi Arabia

– Ameen Fatemi, Afghan ambassador to Japan

– Wahid Waisi, Afghan ambassador to Australia

– Shaida Abdali, Afghan ambassador to India

According to critics, one of the reasons of ongoing crisis in Afghanistan is unmarried appointments within the institutions that often considered by the Unity Government leaders.

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