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Preliminary Election Results for Kabul Delayed Again  

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2018)

The preliminary results of the long-awaited parliamentary elections for Kabul have been delayed for the second time, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Saturday.

It has been about two months since parliamentary elections were held in the country, however, the IEC is yet to announce the preliminary results of the vote for Kabul.

The elections which were held on October 20, marred by fraud and technical problems. The issue forced the IEC to recount the ballots for some provinces.

The IEC said the primary results for Kabul will be delayed as it still seeks to separate “black” votes from “white” ones.

“The goal is to address the issue accurately, we will announce the results for Kabul in coming weeks after ballot assessments,” said Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi, Deputy Spokesman of the IEC.

This comes as last week, the election commission set a timeline for the coming presidential elections – scheduled for April 2019.

Some election observers said that the IEC has not its credibility among the people and political parties after it failed to announce the results on the previous scheduled dates.

“The commission should act like a professional organization. It should take actions based on what it promises – which the commission lacks this characteristic,” said Habibullah Shinwari, a member of TEFA.

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