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Pre,Ashraf Ghani releases decree for exemption of Afghan Photo Journalist Musafir

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2015)


Afghan Photo Journalist Najibullah Musafir who has been in jail for several days was exempted by the recent president decree.

Musafir was jailed due to selling a photo which had been taken during a festival launched by the Education Ministry of Afghanistan several years ago.

Mr. Musafir at the first court round was fined 10000 Afghani after that the female student saw her picture holding one of the Private communication company’s logo instead of the Basketball logo she went to the Governmental departments and recorded complains.

Najibullah Musafer the father of Afghan Photography, director of 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism Center, Photojournalist at Killed Group, sentenced to six months in prison and was transferred to Puli Charkhi prison where dozens of terrorists and Taliban members are in.

The picture was taken at Ghazi Stadium where Former President Hamid Karzai and a number of other local officials including National and International journalists were there to cover the ceremony on 2005.

Two young ladies were carrying a symbolic status for encouraging national sport, he had taken the photos and the afterward the photos were sold to another advertising company.

The following production has misused the picture posted the logo of one of the communication private companies instead of the basketball logo encouraging other female students to practice sports.

His detention comes after that 2014 has been the bloody year for Afghan journalists who have lost several members of their society.

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