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Practical Work of 9 Road Construction Projects to Kick Off Soon

(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)

fawaed_ama_04_12_2016_dari_sot-mpg_snapshot_00-31_2016-12-04_17-04-47Afghanistan Ministry of Public Works says the practical work of 9 road and bridge construction will be begin in the near future.

These project will cost nearly 8 hundred million AFN  and  will be implemented in five provinces of the country; such as Herat, Paktia, Daikundi, Faryab and Bamyan.

The Ministry of Public Works demand the private companies to complete all projects on time and with high quality.

The total value of these projects is 747.9 million AFN and will be paid by the World Bank, Japan and the Ministry of Public Works.

“Efforts should be made that the projects complete on time and with high quality and there will be serious monitoring from the implementation of projects,” said Mahmud Baligh, acting minister of Public Works.

Meanwhile, a number of private companies say they would seriously try in implementation of these projects.

“We are trying to implement these projects in cooperation of the people and the leadership of ministry of public works on time and with high quality,” said Eid Muhammad, representative of private companies.

Officials of ministry of public works urged the people to cooperate in maintaining and protecting the roads.

This comes as residents have always complaint over the destruction of roads and streets.

Reported by Lida Neeyazi

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