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Power will be cut off : Breshna warns

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2016)


Officials in Breshna power company have warned for those Governmental institutions which are indebted not paying the electricity bills, electricity will be cut off, saying the following institution owe about $2 billion dollar.

Economical experts have believed that if the loans don’t get paid in time, the following company will be defalcated.

Head of the public relationship department Waheedullah Tauhidi said,” Governmental and local power full figures owe millions of dollars from electricity bills which haven’t been paid, though part of the money has been paid, the Governmental institutions have yet to pay their bills.”

Economy expert Basheer Basheeri said,” Government of Afghanistan should cooperate with the following company, and have the loans paid, otherwise Breshna Power Company will refracted.”

At the end officials in Breshna Power company stated that we will continue to provide electricity for the Afghan Nation according to our development plans, but still demand the loans to be paid.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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