Power Shortages Serious Challenge for Economy Growth: Murad

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2015)


Minister of Economy Abdul Satar Murad has stated that in order to overcome the power shortages there are some approaches underway to fill the following gap.

Officials in Power department mentioned that the problem will stay the same if there is no effort to be enforced to use the internal sources for producing of power in the country.

Beside other sustainable challenges electricity has been one of the main challenges for Afghanistan economy.


Minister of Economy Abdul Satar Murad said,” there is serious challenges which doesn’t let our internal production to increased is the shortage of electricity in Afghanistan which we have prioritized it as one of our activities to resolve this issue.”

Deputy Minister of Water and Power Ghulam Farooq Qazizada said,” based on the economy perspectives all the activities closely related to electricity, efforts are underway to provide sufficient power for the internal producers to boost the economy of the country.”

Head of the power AbdulRazaq Samadi said,” we currently provide electricity for the factories, and in order to increase the productions we need to have new water dams established to provide sufficient electricity.”

Afghanistan is full of underground water, having no clear policies to restrain water and use it in the way to change Afghanistan into a green zone.

The following efforts come after that Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan are using Afghanistan’s waters free of charge.

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