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Population Registration Centers Closed in Kabul City After Deadly Attack

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2018)

The population registration centers in the capital Kabul remained closed today after a deadly suicide attack killed at least 57 and wounded 119 others outside a voter registration center in the west of the City on Sunday.

“After the incident, we closed our centers in Kabul City, our offices remained closed today as well, but our staff will resume their operation starting tomorrow,” Rohullah Ahmadzai, Spokesman for the Population Registration Directorate, told Ariana News.

According to officials, the casualties of the attack were all civilians – many of them women and children who had been waiting to get ID documents.

However, victims of the attack claim that such terror attacks cannot prevent or discourage them from participating in the upcoming elections.

“We will take part in the election even if a hundred bombings happen,” Aziz Ahmad,56, who was wounded yesterday along with his wife and sister-in-law told Ariana News.

“Today, people are ready to get the national ID Cards even if it cost their lives and participate in the election,” Mohammad Rasool, a family member of one of the victims said. “The suicide attackers are infidels, they are slaves of foreigners.”

Meanwhile, Najib Danish Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that new plans are underway to ensure the security of polling stations and ID Card distribution centers.

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