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Poppy Cultivation Decreased up to 19 Percent in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2016)

11111Officials in Ministry of Counter Narcotic Drugs have claimed that poppy cultivation has been decreased up to 19 percent in the country in 2015 comparing to 2014 declaring the main reason of significant achievement was arresting 3000 drug dealers’ suspects.

Officials in Ministry of counter Narcotic drugs in quintet Ministerial session in Kabul have announced that 48 percent drug production has been increased in Afghanistan.

Five countries have gathered in quintet Ministerial session in Kabul city to talk about the burst grounds, poisonous and risky flowers of poppy in Afghanistan.

Minister of counter Narcotic Salamat Azimi said,” Afghanistan Government could decrease 19 percent of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan on 2015 comparing to 2014 this reveals of 48 percent poppy production.”

She said,” the main reasons for decreasing the poppy production and cultivation were seizing of 310 tons of drugs and 3000 drug dealer suspects.”

Ministry of Interior affairs officials have stated that Opium is the main source of war in Afghanistan where Mafia is using its money to keep the war in eruption.

Deputy of the counter Narcotic drug in Ministry of Interior Affairs Baz Mohammad Ahmadi said,” Narcotic drugs are planted in unrest areas of the country from North to East from South to West this has ruined the life of everyone in this country, blustered and busted hands due to poverty are used to incise the drug flowers to gain some money.”

The following quintet session comes after that Afghanistan still holds prior position among the countries in the world.

Reported by FaraNaz Forotan

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