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Politicians Interfering in Judicial Institutions: Lawyers  

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2018)

A number of Lawyers say due to the interference of some politicians, the process of addressing the legal cases is being slow at the judiciary institutions.

The lawyers said that there are dozens of legal cases at judiciary institutions which face uncertainty, insisting that based on the law, the fate of every legal case should be revealed after a maximum eight-month time.

“Powerful and influential figures have an upper hand in cases closure and the judiciary institutions are unable to act in this regard,” said a lawyer Ainuddin Bahaduri.

In April this year, a case was opened against Sayed Ishal Gilani, the leader of the National Solidarity Movement over his anti-government comments which was marked against the national interest. He had said that India was using Afghan soil against its rival Pakistan.

However, no decision has been taken against him yet despite six months passed from his case, according to sources.

In 2016, Abdul Rezaq Wahidi, was sacked from his post as minister of Telecommunication. Sixteen months later he was referred to the Attorney General’s Office over corruption charges, thereafter, he faced two open trials, but no decision has been announced against him yet.

In addition, more than two months earlier, Nizamuddin Qaisari, a militia commander and a close aide to Gen. Dostum was arrested by security forces in Faryab province.  He has been held in captive by National Directorate of Security in Kabul, but his case is yet be clarified.

In 2017, Zmarai Paikan, ex-commander of the public order police forces was sentenced to eight and half years in prison, but security forces yet to arrest him.

“Police are following his case, he will be referred to judiciary institutions when he appears,” said the Interior Ministry Spokesman Najib Danish.

The lawyers, meanwhile, warned that the situation would impose a culture of impunity in the country if the government fails to act responsibly in this regard. 

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