Politicians Ask IEC to Invalidate Voter Registration Process,  Use Biometric Tech

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2018)

A number of political parties and influential political figures in a plan, asked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Saturday to invalidate voter registration drive and use biometric technology in the process.

The suggested plan came out in today’s meeting of the politicians in Kabul as part of their efforts to ensure a fair and transparent election in the country.  

“We consider the current voter registration as incomplete, it  makes way for corruption, fraud and crisis because this process is not accurate and the government and the election commission have wasted millions of dollars in this regard,” said Asadullah Sadati, a representative of Wahdat-e-Millie party.

The political parties, meanwhile, suggested to have a multidimensional system in the election process which according to them it could lead into the participation of all citizens in the election including Afghan refugees, internally displaced people and those who live in insecure parts of the country.

“The [multidimensional] system has three important characteristics including maintaining balance of representation in provinces, maintaining ethnic balance and creating equal opportunities & preserving justice between the independent and dependent candidates,”  Sadati said.

Emphasizing on ensuring transparency in elections, the IEC, however, called for further supervision of  the political parties in the process.

“We suggest these political parties to oversee this [election] process to ensure further transparency,” said Hafizullah Hashimi, a member of the IEC.

The politicians stressed that if the government and the election commission ignore their suggested demands, they would use their all resources to prevent the current election process which according to them, leads the country into crisis.

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