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Political Tensions Negatively Impact Implementation of Projects: Parliament

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2016)

parliment_27_11_2016_pashto-sot-mpg_snapshot_01-08_2016-11-27_17-20-52Afghan Parliament’s Administrative Board says the recent tensions between the government leaders had many negative impacts on the implementation of big projects.

Secretary of the Lower House of Parliament, Erfanullah Erfan has called on government leaders to focus on accelerating the implementation of projects.

“The recent tensions among government leaders had many negative impacts on implementation of development projects and we demand authorities to pay serious attention on accelerating the implementation of projects,” said Erfanullah Erfan, first deputy speaker of parliament.

Meanwhile, economic analysts noted that the lack of coordination between leaders inflicted irreparable damage on Projects.

They considered the differences, corruption, insecurity and economic mafia the main factors of the slow implementation process.

“If the political policies distorted, our economic projects will be damaged and it will be very dangerous for the next 20 to 30 years of future,” said Taj Muhammad Talash, economic analyst.

According to analysts, if this issue not addresses, the donor countries will find an alternative for Afghanistan’s economic projects.

Reported by Lida Neyazi

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