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Police yet to Find Clues Left by Armed Thieves-Attacked ATN Employees

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2018)

Several employees of Ariana TV Network have been attacked by armed thieves in the capital Kabul, adding to the degree of continued risks facing journalism work in the war-torn country.

The ATN employees Sayed Rahim Sayedi and Mukhtyar Ahmad Gulzad – who were about to make a video report- targeted by three gun thieves on Saturday in Sher Darwaza area of Kabul.

The thieves stole everything the employees had to themselves – including video-cameras and other media equipment.

“We have addressed the issue to security institutions and they have not found any clue yet,” said Abdul Qadim Weyal, a member of Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC). “We hope that they identify perpetrators of the incident as soon as possible.”

Kabul Garrison Command, however, said that it is working on a plan to improve the security of the capital.

“The detective and intelligence section are working in this regard so that they could prevent thousands of such criminal incidents,” said Kabul Garrison Commander Afzal Aman.

Journalists have increasingly come under attack by terror groups and armed individuals in Afghanistan in recent years.

According to media advocacy group (NAI) estimation, last year, 21 reporters have been killed, 23 wounded and 21 others physically assaulted across the country.

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