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Police Traffic should launch necessary programs to save life on highways

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2016)


Head of ground Transportation management head has demanded the Kabul police Traffic department to launch necessary programs in order to save the life of passengers on the highways of Afghanistan.

Head of the ground Transportation management head Faridullah Sherzai said,” Kabul Police traffic department should save the life of passengers in highways by assigning medics in highways in order to examine the bus drivers who are addicted with Narcotic drugs causes killing of dozens passengers.”

Last Sunday as the result of a bus collided with a fuel tanker on the way of Ghazni province, more than73 passengers were killed 14 others were injured health officials in Indira Gandi Hospital stated that 4 kids whom have been injured in the incident are still in the Hospital.

Officials in the following department have declared the main reason for the bloody incident was that the bus driver was drunk.

Dr. Ahmad Wali said,” 4 kids whom were injured in the incident on Sunday are in Indira Gandi Hospital the families and relatives should come and pick their kids.”

Repeated efforts were made to get hold of Kabul Police department views on the aspect but couldn’t succeeded.

Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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