Police seize about 450 Kilograms drugs in Takhar

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2015)


Afghan police seized about 450 Kilograms opium in Takhar province and arrested three smugglers in connection to the case.

The drugs including opium were seized from armed smugglers during an operation on the way to Balkh, said spokesman of Takhar police.

Spokesman of Takhar Police, Khalil Asir added that last week more than ten drug smugglers were arrested with a thousand kilograms drugs.

According to the UNODC, only 6.4% of the Afghan population currently participates in opium poppy cultivation and opium is grown on less than 2% of Afghanistan’s farmable land. Although some small fraction of the Afghan population has traditionally cultivated opium poppy, Afghanistan’s opium boom began in the 1980s as drug traffickers capitalized on the chaos created by perpetual conflict.


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