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Police Role Essential In Providing Security

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2015)


Afghan security officials are said to consider local police role important in Laghman province; emphasizing in increasing and supporting local police.

Laghman police commander said that Laghman residents start to rise against the armed oppositions since the past two years that now rebels are set within the local police.

“Laghman security area is extremely limited that with creation of local police secure areas increased,” Dawood Amin, Laghman police commander said.

According to Amin, the existence of local police in Laghman is beneficiary for security and stability of the province.

“There is no problem in Laghman, Local police are at the forefront of the war and their sacrifices appreciated,” Sarhadi Zowak, spokesman of Laghman province said.

Laghman Security is relatively better in four districts. In Dawlat Shah district security situation is not good as it mountainous area and inaccessible and more conflicts on land.

However, a number of Laghman inhabitants are not satisfied from the local police, saying the local police are abusing their authorities.

With the exact number of the Laghman police force unknown, about 800 Afghan Local Police (ALP) personnel are currently deployed to the province.



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