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Police Rescue Travelers Trapped in Snowstorm – Bamyan

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2020)

Dozens of travelers and their transports, trapped in the snowstorm on their way to and from Bamyan, were rescued by the police.

Mohammad Reza Yosufi, the spokesperson Bamyan Police, said that over the past 24 hours, some 27 vehicles full of travelers, were rescued by the police in cooperation with the Bamyan Road Cleaning Contractor Company and the Department of Public Works.

These travelers were trapped by heavy snowfalls and snowstorms had come their way.

According to the officials, Haji Gak Pass in Shibar district, Khar Qul Pass, Chambar Pass, Qonaq Pass in Waras district, Shatoo Pass, Pul Bandshoye, Ghogardo Pass, Daraz Qul Pass, Sadbarg Pass in Punjab district, all have been blocked temporarily.

Yosufi adds that the clean-up operations are in progress by the concerned authorities. He urges travelers for these paths to mind all travel alerts and tips declared by the police.

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