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Plantation Pests Rise Concerns of Farmers in Kabul

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2015)


A huge number of framers, gardeners have expressed their concerns over the plantation pests in Northern part of Kabul city, stating that despite of the increasing of the harvests this year, the plantation pests have raised concerns.

They have also mentioned that none of the Governmental departments have yet to cooperate and help farmers on removing pests out of their plantation.

Gardening after agricultural is the second major job for the Afghans across the country but havening no access to the proper markets and the outbreak of diseases are the main challenges for both farmers and gardeners in Afghanistan.

Farmer Murwatullah said,” we are short of water,water is pumped, we have to buy fuel for generators, there are water dams which can easily water thousand acres of agriculture lands in our area, the Government should help us to resolve our problems.”

“Furthermore the district Governor of Mirbachakot Mawluddin has expressed his concerns over the out breaking of disease on grapes in his control area demanding the Government to hand us out and resolve our problems otherwise we will lose all our harvests for this year “.

“Meanwhile the farmers have local officials have urged that we don’t have access to foreign markets for boost our economy and selling our goods into abroad,the only market is Pakistan where we experience several challenges to see our goods reached into Pakistani Markets Mohmmad Usuf Mirbachakot district provincial council member said.”

Officials in Ministry of agriculture and live stock said we cant provide medicine for such disease because there is limit time for gaining the Harvest.

Head of the Laboratory department of the Ministry of Agriculture and live stocks Abdul Raouf Babori said.” Gardeners don’t pay attention while planting and during growing their plantation they only think how collect the harvest, if they want more harvest they should work hard in their gardens.”

The concerns of the farmers come after that more than 60% of Afghans earn their life through agriculture and gardening in the country.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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