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Plantation of Narcotic Drugs Deteriorates Systems: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2015)


National Unity Government CEO Abdullah Abdullah has warned that the plantation and production of Narcotic drugs not only deteriorates the security but also the Government system.

He insisted combating against such disaster in the society has failed, but the National Unity Government should prioritize this challenge as the top program.

A number of Mps have declared the main factors for increasing of the insecurity, and Taliban attacks is the poor management of the National Unity Government, saying in the recent wave of insecurity 50 Afghan fighters were killed and injured where 28 of those soldiers were beheaded by the armed insurgents in Badakhshan Province.

CEO Abdullah Abdullah said, “Production and plantation of Narcotic drugs has not only damaged the security, but also administration system, the Government should step up toward the following disaster and combat against it.”


Afghan lawmaker Abdul Rauf Anami said, “the local and security officials don’t willing to share the right and precise number of the causalities, trying to hide their poor managements in recent clashes Afghan security forces in Badakhshan 28 forces were beheaded and 35 others were injured,we have found one head belong to an Afghan security forces and yet to find its death body.”


The other representative Iqbal Khohistani said,” being run out of fuel in war zone indicates big failure of the management those who lost their life in Badakhshan were coming from the poorest families, the security departments heads do not even care if they have lost dozens soldiers.”

Afghanistan has been witnessing bloody attacks at the beginning of the New Year, though the Afghan leaders have talked about ensuring the security, still insecurity being spread it across the country.

Reported By Fawad Nasiri

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