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PIA Should Pay Taxes for Afghan Government: MoF

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2017)

1Officials in Ministry of Finance have said Pakistan International Airliner (PIA) did not pay its taxes for the Government of Afghanistan since 2005, an Afghan delegation were assigned to review and investigate about the dept’s of the following company.

Ministry of Finance Spokesman Ajmal Abdul Rahimzai said, “Pakistan Government is responsible to pay the taxes of its Airliner, an Afghan delegation were assigned to launch investigation and review the debt’s of the Pakistan International Airliner (PIA) the delegation will soon share the results of the investigation.”

Meanwhile members at Afghanistan Integrity Watch expressed concerns over the taxation process within the Afghan Government saying it’s a complicate process and paves the way for corruption.

Chief of the Integrity Watch of Afghanistan Mohammad Ikram Afzali said, “One of the biggest problem is our taxation process, which is not as transparent as it should be, it always raises questions about the existence of corruption within the process.”

Based on the Afghanistan Aviation law all the International airplanes using the Afghanistan’s space and grounds will pay for it.

“The Government of Afghanistan should pursue the issue, how is it possible that an aviation company was using Afghanistan space and grounds and paying no taxes for the Government of Afghanistan.” Economy expert Shabir Basheeri said.

PIA is Pakistani Airliner which weekly has six flights back and forth between Kabul-Islamabad.

Reported by: FarahNaz Forotan 

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