Philippines warns of huge lava eruption

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2020)

The Philippines is on full alert to be precautious of the possible eruption of the Taal volcano, one of the country’s most active, about 60 kilometers south of the capital Manila on the island of Luzon.

About 8,000 people were moved forcefully to safer ground or housed in evacuation centers Sunday.

As of now, there are no reports of casualties or damage. However, the lack of water and energy have been evident in the affected areas.

Pong Mercado, the mayor of Taal said, “We have to be very cautious. The roads are slippery and dangerous. I myself am making plans to move to safer ground.”

Reportedly, the Volcanology and Seismology Department has been monitoring the Taal volcanic site since March last year. On Sunday, it warned of a “possible hazardous volcanic eruption” within hours or days.


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