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Petraeus Warns of ‘Total Withdrawal’ of American Forces From Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2019)

General David Petraeus, the former Director of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and former Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, in his new article published on the Wall Street Journal’s website warns of the American forces early and ‘total withdrawal’ from Afghanistan.

Petraeus says that the United States should not repeat the mistake made in Iraq.

“While diplomatic progress with the Taliban may justify a reduction in U.S. force levels, under no circumstances should the Trump administration repeat the mistake its predecessor made in Iraq and agree to a total withdrawal of combat forces from Afghanistan,” he wrote in his article.

Moreover, he stresses out that common sense dictates the U.S. must preserve its own means to pressure extremist networks plotting in Afghanistan against the U.S. and its allies and it can be possible by having some American forces in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban have left no doubt that they’ll try to overthrow the government if American forces leave,” Petraeus said.  
He also says that the Taliban’s disagreement with the permanent ceasefire, intense attacks targeting the civilians, and their opposition with the election clearly indicate the warnings.

In his article, he shares his concern over the existence of over 20 terroristic groups including Daesh in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government says that the American forces’ withdrawal will take place based on a pre-signed contract and the Afghans are leading the war currently in the battlefields.

“The promises exist between the Afghan and U.S. government reading fighting against terrorism and promoting the security and defensive force in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of American forces will take place accordingly,” wrote Petraeus.

Concluding his article, Petraeus recommends Donal Trump to consider the lessons of tragic experience to the present situation and says that the U.S. withdrawal would be ‘indefensible for Afghanistan today.’

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