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People warned of blocking street if problems not addressed

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2015)

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Victims’ families of Shah Shahid incident in Kabul warned that if their demands not addressed in the coming days, they will block Shah Shahid-Kart-e Naw Street.

They claimed that after a week passed since the deadly incident of Shah Shahid area of Kabul, still there is no help to them.

A barrage of bloody suicide attack in Shah Shahid area of the capital, Kabul after midnight on last Friday killed dozens and wounded more than hundreds of civilians.

A Shah Shahid bombing was declared one of the biggest disasters that Kabul had witnessed in the recent years.

“We urge the government to give us a shelter,” Muhammad Dawood, one of Shah Shahid inhabitants said.

“Our final decision is to block the Shah Shahid street if problems not addressed,” Farhad, another inhabitant said.

Wahid, a young boy who himself is one of the victims of the incident complaint over government’s neglect on wounded civilians in Kabul hospitals.

However, Wahidullah Mayar, spokesman of the ministry of Public Health rejected their claims.

“We are also grieved but I reject their claims because their problems had properly addressed and nothing has been laid low to them,” Mayar said.

A truck packed with explosives detonated just after midnight near an army base in the neighbourhood of Shah Shaheed, rattling homes across the city, ripping off the facades of buildings and leaving scattered piles of rubble.

The force of the explosion created an enormous crater in the road, around 10 metres (30 feet) deep, and destroyed the boundary wall of the base, although no military casualties were reported.




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