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People Are Less Interested to Participate in Upcoming Election

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2019)

A survey conducted by the Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) in 34 provinces of the country shows that 57.13 percent of the survey takers do not want to participate in the upcoming presidential election.

According to the officials, 5,000 people have taken this survey. 

“57.14 percent of the survey takers in 34 provinces of the country have said that they will not participate in the election. It means they neither vote to any candidate nor participate in the election. This is very shocking to us, to the election commission, and the legitimacy of the upcoming election,” said Naiem Ayuobzada, Chief of TEFA.

Lack of trust to the electoral commissions, insecurity, and prioritization of the peace process are described as the people’s reason for not participating in the election.

“All the election process circles around the campaigns. However, it has not been observed in the past,” said Ayuobzada.

“Three key questions existed in the survey. Do you participate in the election; if yes whom would you vote and why; and if not what are your reasons,” said Sughra Sadaat.

This comes as the electoral commissions and the government have promised of holding a transparent and fair election in the country on September 28th.

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