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Pending of 2016 budget in WJ creates problems: Officials

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2015)


Officials in Ministry of Finance have warned the lower house of the parliament for not working on the draft budget of 2016 fiscal year, Afghanistan will face serious problems in implementing different projects in the country in the year of 1395.

They have once again insisted that the budget has been prepared based on the potentials for the year of 2016, if the 80 % of budget is consumed, it will boost 6% economy in the entire country.

Draft of budget for the year of 1395 has been pending in the lower house of the parliament, it should soon be finalized and let the further processing to be taken place.

Head of the general budgeting department Zai Rahman Halimi said,” if the draft to be rejected by the members of the parliament, it will slow down the implementation of projects within the country.”

According to statement of officials usually 80% of our budget is supported by the International countries, the main challenge for the implementation of the projects in Afghanistan will be insecurity which is big concern of the officials in Ministry of Finance.

Minister of Finance spokesman Hameed Abdul Rahimzai said,” each province, districts, and villages of Afghanistan is important,the budget for the upcoming year has been made based on the resources.”

Based on the estimation the budget for the fiscal year of 2016 has been finalized 7 $ billion,95 % of the budget has been specialized for security, 20 % for infrastructure, 13 % for education, 7% for developing of agriculture, 6% health care .

Reported by Fawad Nasiri

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