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Peace will be ensured if Afghans Return to Their Country: MoF

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2015)


Officials in Ministry of foreign Affairs said,” peace will be ensured if the Afghans return to the country.”

They have declared the major reasons for Afghan migrants leaving the country are domestic conflicts, Duran line, interfering of neighboring countries intelligence and no good cooperation of the International community in the country.”

Meanwhile some of the senators in the house of the parliament have said,” ISI Pakistan is the main factor for supporting terrorism in Afghanistan and once again willing to send Afghanistan into deep crisis by the name of peace, they have demanded the Government to keep the Afghan nation on the loop and we don’t want the peace talks to be done behind the closed doors.”


Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs Atiqullah mal Atif whom has been summoned by the upper house members has said,” peace will not be ensured if the 3, 4 million Afghan migrants from Pakistan and 3,1 million Afghan migrants from Iran don’t return to the country .”

Harun Baloch the Afghan senator said,” we express our concerns on peace talks led by the ISI history indicates that they are the main factors for spreading terrorism.”

Miss Gulalay Akbari said,” We do need peace but don’t need the peace behind the curtain which damages Women and Mujahidin morals.”

Mohammad Alam Izadya deputy of upper house said,” every peace negotiation should be clear we don’t want complex peace talks behind the doors peace talks should be pursued through by the cooperation of Afghanistan National Assembly , political figures so that the following process should be assured.”

His statements on peace process comes after that Taliban have not yet confirmed participation on peace talks process with the Government of Afghanistan officially.

Reported by AbdulAziz Karimi


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