Peace talks results nothing to Afghans: Experts

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2016)



Scores of Afghan political experts have stated that Afghanistan peace talks process have resulted nothing for Afghans, it was only a game played, saying the following process was tend to produce the road maps for direct peace talks with Taliban.

Harasat- Sabat council Spokesman Masoud Treshtwal said,” Afghanistan peace talks has faced dead lock, Pakistan didn’t play positive role, and Afghans have fears that the following process results nothing to them.”

Meanwhile other experts in Afghanistan political affairs have mentioned that foreigners in Afghanistan are playing dual role in ensuring peace and stability.

Political expert Jamal Nasir Osuli said,” Pakistan hasn’t been playing positive role in ensure peace in Afghanistan, foreseeing that this time they will cheat Afghan Government.”

Expert are asking the Government of Afghanistan to hold sessions with the supporters of terrorist groups to end this war.

Reported by Maroufa Zaki 


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