Peace talks between Afghanistan-Taliban to begin next month: Western officials

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2015)


For the first talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban will begin next month in cooperation with Pakistan.

According to western officials Pakistan’s top military and intelligence officials have begun pressing the Taliban to sit down for face-to-face discussions with the Afghan government, potentially opening a path for direct peace talks for the first time since the start of the American-led invasion in 2001.

After 13 years of bloody war in Afghanistan, now this time Pakistani authorities come to action to persuade Taliban group to come to the negotiation table with Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, president’s spokesman, Ajmal Obaid Abedi emphasized that there has not been any talks with Taliban so far and from now on the details of these negotiations will be available for Afghans.

“President Ghani is committed to not have any talks and negotiation in secret and away from the eyes of Afghan people.” Abedi said.

Afghans have spent more than 4 decades in crisis and war. Afghanistan and the international community have long attempted to force Taliban for peace talks.

Reported by Fawad Naseri

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