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Peace Jirga Working Committees Ended Their Assignments

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2019)

The 51 working committees of the Consultative Loya Jirga on Peace ended their discussions on the third day of the gathering.

All participants have discussed the four fundamental questions about peace talks with the Taliban which were part of the agenda of the Jirga.

These questions included peace talks with the Taliban insurgent group, making comments on preserving the achievements of the last 18-years, the formation of a negotiating team for talks with the Taliban, and determination of government policy toward the country’s that provide support to the terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

“All committees have the same agenda. Four fundamental questions were discussed and all the participants shared their views,” said Noor Mohammad, a member of the Peace Jirga.

In addition, the committees have also discussed the ceasefire, cancellation of the bilateral security agreement with the United States, disagreement with the formation of the interim government, and seeking a guarantor from Islamic countries to avoid negative consequences of the peace agreement.

“Besides the four fundamental questions, participants expressed their views regarding the ceasefire, disagreement with the interim government, and security agreement,” said Noor Agha Karokhail, another participant of the Jirga.

“We hope the President make a solid decision regarding our view so we can have a permanent peace in the country,” said Farzana, a female participant of the Jirga.

The committees are expected to present their views to the administrative board of the Jirga on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, Ghani’s Envoy for Peace and the Chief Organizer of the Jirga called on the Taliban to respect the outcome of the Jirga.

The four-day peace Jirga was opened on Monday with more than 3,000 delegates from across the country.

President Ghani told the gathering that they will determine the direction of the peace process.

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