Peace Is Closer Than Ever: Ghani

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2019)

President Ashraf Ghani reiterated that holding presidential election and preserving the republican system of government are the only solutions to end the long-term conflict in Afghanistan.

In a video message for International Day of Peace, Ghani said that despite bad willing of opponents, Afghanistan is close to peace than any time before.

President Ghani stressed that peace can only be achieved when Afghan men and women, regardless of any prejudices get their rights.

Moreover, Ghani describes the Republican System of government as the only solution to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

“The solution to 40 years of conflict in Afghanistan only lies in a political path. And the best way to achieve it is through political participation and support of the republican system. Election is a national and definitive process that the Constitution of the country is explicit about holding it. Election facilitates the equality of every Afghan.”

Meanwhile, Ghani called on anti-governmental forces to announce a ceasefire.  He said war is not a solution and stopping bloodshed can be the first step toward achieving stability in the country.

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