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Peace Efforts Undermining July Presidential Elections: Watchdogs

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2019)

Amid raising peace efforts, a number of election tickets and watchdogs have expressed concerns on the fate of the upcoming Afghan presidential elections, warning that lack of consultation with people regarding peace and elections will deepen the crisis in the country.

Some election teams said that peace and elections should not be victimized of each other and that people should be consulted in this regard.

Asadullah Sa’adati, who is running for the July election as second deputy of Abdullah Abdullah said that if election being undermined in peace talks, it will put a negative impact on the given scenario.

“The people of Afghanistan have the right and power to decide and they should take decisions,” Ghulam Farooq Nijrabi, a presidential candidate said.

The election observers, meanwhile, expressed concerns on the outcomes of delay in July elections.

“We are seriously concerned of these games which don’t help elections and democracy and it may fragment the system into several pieces and unable to us have a countywide election,” said Nayeem Ayoubzada, Head of TEFA.

The Chief Executive’ Office, however, said that the government leaders are ready to step down for the sake of ensuring lasting peace in the country, adding that so far they have not seen any sign of peace from the Taliban.

It comes as the government has repeatedly said that the upcoming presidential elections will not be compromised in the peace process and that it will be held on the scheduled time.

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