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Patriots work for the country’s national interest: Experts

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2014)

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President Ashraf Ghani during a press conference after his visit from Saudi Arabia and China on Saturday said that the government armed oppositions are similar in religious believes, patriotism and their view toward the future of the country.

A number of experts believe that killing innocent people and launching suicide attacks by Taliban is not patriotism.

University Lecturer, Nasrullah Stankzai said: “Taliban are ‘political opponents’ because they are fighting for power and they call themselves patriot as we do, but it does not justify their actions killing civilians, preventing people from educations, smuggling and trafficking narcotic drugs in any ways.”

Although some political and military experts do not reject the “political opposition” term being used by the president for the armed anti-government militants, but they added that the original patriots are those who work to preserve the country’s national interest.

However, experts are hopeful about Ghani next travel scheduled to visit Pakistan for peace negotiations with the government armed opponents, emphasizing the countries involved in peace discussions must be loyal to the process.

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